Tuesday, February 28, 2006

IN THE BEGINNING......................

Since this class relies upon anthropological and documentary tactics, I wanted students to decide for themselves how to approach their projects. Here are some questions I posed for consideration. This will also help readers to understand how students have focused their projects.

Neighborhood Narratives
Questions for Discussion

Note: In your answers please reflect upon the reading. The reading will help you to gain some focus on the questions. However, I am really looking for your own opinions and ideas.

What do you think your role in this class is? Think in both broad and narrow terms. Here are some points to help:

Become involved in the subject’s life, or distance yourself from subject?

Express the subject’s point-of-view, or synthesize the subject’s voice in your own words?

Contextualize—integrate various external aspects of art such as culture, history, personal psychology of artist, etc.—or look only at what is observed when evaluating and presenting a subject?

Broaden the number and types of source material to include a variety of input, or minimalism the source material and focus on a few inputs?

With regards to your projects, you might want to consider some alternative approaches:

A highly subjective interpretation, or reduce subjectivity to the bare minimum?

Broad observations about the subject with regards to the physical landscape of the city, or highly focused observations that deal with the immediate contacts of the subject within his or her environment?


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