Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dear Readers, Welcome!

Neighborhood Narratives attempts to equip young minds with the opportunity to survey their own psychological landscapes while understanding the landscapes of others. A video camera, a mobile phone, a flash audio recorder and, most importantly, an open mind to what surrounds us are all tools for geo-psychological mining. We study Tokyo and Japanese culture, it's complexities, mysteries and slight-of-hand; and by knowing another culture we step closer to gaining self-awareness of our identities.
Not that everything we do is serious academic exploration. Sometimes it’s just talking with a sushi chef or hanging out near a busy escalator. But if you’re a local, you will have the opportunity to question what is taken for granted. If you're a visitor to Japan, you will embark on the journey of a 1000 steps, and encounter one contradiction after another. For either the local or visitor, nothing is sacred in this journey, and nothing is to be taken for granted. You bring only yourself to the place you encounter.
Please enjoy the pages, and feel free to comment.
Ron Carr


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